Friday, October 30, 2015

Jack's Nursery In Bethesda Magazine

Jack's nursery was recently featured in Bethesda Magazine, along with two other nurseries that are designed to be practical past the infant years. Like many new Mom's I never had room for a true changing table, nor would I have wanted to buy a piece of furniture thats sole purpose was for changing diapers. Despite the fact that my life is diapers right now, I know that someday it will not be. I would rather invest in furniture that my children will have when they are in high school, and that is what I did with Jack's dresser. Brynn on the other hand lucked out with her dresser. It was hand me down from our bedroom at the apartment, which happens to be the perfect surface for our changing table. Whether it's an antique piece of furniture or a hand me down dresser, I love seeing nurseries that don't use typical "baby furniture."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cloud Cover

I remember before we put an offer in on our house the Mr. said to me "I have a feeling if we end up moving here you are going to paint the house white." Does he know me well or what? My dream of living in a white house has come true! Our house was by no means ugly before we painted it, but I have always wanted a white house. Also every single house on our street is red brick so I wanted to to be a little different. For a designer you would think I could be a little more creative than white everywhere, but for some reason white is so soothing to me. I ended up painting the house Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover, the same color as every room inside the house. I did test a few other colors but I felt Cloud Cover was the best. It is a white that doesn't appear too yellow or too gray, and it is just a dark enough contrast for my crisp white trim work to pop. I originally was going to go for a slightly darker shutter and door color, but I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist. I love the new look of our house, and am patiently waiting for my cherry laurel bushes out front to grow. I told the Mr. he was allowed to make all the decisions outside since he literally had no say inside. He has a long list of landscaping plans he wants to accomplish over the next few years, but even without the perfect landscaping I love the way our house has transformed since we moved in. 

 new lantern from Shades of Light 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our New Living Room

Our new living room is slightly smaller than our old living room at the apartment so I was not able to use all of my pieces in the new space. My Oly Pipa coffee table was way too big for the new room but thankfully I did not sell my old smaller knock off version of the table because it fits perfectly. It is literally the most perfect coffee table for toddlers, they can't get hurt on sharp edges, they can climb on top and not break anything, and it's a statement piece so it does not necessarily need table top accessories. I miss the symmetry of our old living room. The fact that the sofa is not in the middle of the room or centered in between the window and the door to our porch drives me crazy, but it is what it is. Another thing you will notice that is missing in our new living room is a fireplace, unfortunately our house doesn't have one! We may add one some day down the road (where the sofa is) but for now we will just have to spend the night at Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Eve so Santa can deliver his presents to the kiddos! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our Mudroom Before and After

Our mudroom is literally an Ikea Hack on steroids. Much like the kitchen the room was dated. It was a converted screened in porch with wood paneling on three walls and brick on another, and horrible popcorn tiles on the ceiling. Since I removed the closet in the living room I needed a coat closet for our first floor, and a space to put all of our stuff. Instead of keeping it as a breakfast nook which is how the previous home owners used it, I decided to make it a fully functional mudroom. I ended up covering up two windows with cabinetry and for now I just have blinds hung in them so from the outside of the house you just see window treatments. Since it is on the back of the house it does not bother me, but one day I would like to brick the windows in. In our mudroom I used part of the Ikea kitchen cabinets and part of their Pax closet system. For the bench and the wall shelf I used a desk top I found in the "as-is" section for $9 and had my contractor cut it in half. I literally have a place for everything in this room. We have floor to ceiling wine storage, a double coat closet for winter coats, work bags, and doggie items. A single closet that has the Mr's suit jackets and serving platters, and then floor to ceiling open shelves with baskets for hand towels, burp cloths, dog towels and diaper bags. Under the bench are two HomeGoods baskets for shoes, and then we have our microwave hidden in the lower cabinet since the kitchen was too small for a built in microwave. Jack loves fruit and veggies so much I was running out of counter space for fruit bowels so I got these amazing hanging baskets to hold all of his goodies; and last but not least a perfectly carved out niche for Hank's dog bowls! Here are the before, during and after photos! 


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